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New Jersey Paint and Sip Art Studio

New Jersey Paint and Sip Art Studio

New Jersey Paint and Sip Art StudioWe are committed to providing New Jersey Paint and Sip Art Studio. I love to share the joy of art with everybody and this is why, recently I opened up the “Paint Fun Studio”. Once Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. When we grow up, we become rigid and lose a lot of our magic touch in the journey of life. I take joy in bringing the artist out of those rigid hearts and they fall in love with art making, all over again! Everyone who comes in to my studio fills their heart with vivid color of dreams; no one goes empty heart or empty canvas! I am more than sure that you will enjoy your night out at – “Paint Fun Studio.” Bring your favorite beverage and snacks! We make everybody feel at home, relax, have fun, enjoy themselves, paint, and take home their very own creation of masterpiece with pride! Our children’s birthday parties, art camps and art classes are wonderful! I love what I do, and “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!”.

Paint and Wine in New Jersey

Paint Fun Studio offers the Paint and Wine in New Jersey! We’d love to help you celebrate a Birthday, Girl’s Night Out, Fun Night Out, Date Night, Fundraising, Bachelorettes, Kid’s Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Corporate Event, Team Building or just a Mom’s Night.
A perfect way to get your group of friends together for a night of painting and wine to celebrate anything you want!

Paint and Party in New Jersey

We provide the Paint and Party in New Jersey. Twenty years ago, I decided to share my talent with the community and started giving Art lessons. Since then I have taught art to numerous numbers of students in all ages, from Pre-K to senior citizens throughout Central New Jersey. Today many of my students are pursuing Art in college; some have graduated and are employed as graphic designers, architects, art teachers, while others continue to engage in art as a hobby and hone their skills.

Painting Studio in New Jersey

Paint Fun Studio offers Painting Studio in New Jersey. Corporate Team Building, House Party or Birthday Party – we can bring the entire “Paint Fun Studio” experience to you. Get your coworkers and friends together for a paint and wine celebration! We will come to you with all our painting supplies for what ever kind of party you want to hold and celebrate!! We are a BYOB paint studio in NJ. You can bring your own drinks and snacks! We provide glassware, utensils, plates and all of your art supplies!

Art Lessons all ages in New Jersey

Paint Fun Studio specializes in Art Lessons all ages in New Jersey. Growing up with a father who was a creative writer, I have been exposed to the arts since my childhood. This passion for creativity drove me to pursue art as a profession.

Art Camp in New Jersey

Our art studio specializes in fun painting events for Art Camp in New Jersey! Children of all ages can enroll in our summer art camp. We offer special rates for the summer for our art camp and lessons! We do all types of painting.

Summer Art Camp in Franklin Park NJ

Our summer art camp in Franklin Park NJ is located in the upscale destination in Somerset, NJ. Anyone can be an artist and have fun being creative! 

Canvas Painting in New Jersey

Canvas Painting in New Jersey

canvas painting in new jerseyPaint Fun Studio does canvas painting in New Jersey! When you want to go to an art studio and learn how to paint stroke by stroke choose Paint Fun Studio! We are an art studio in New Jersey with a friendly and helpful teacher as well as a fun classroom! We make canvas painting in new jersey fun and have you come out of the box with your creativity. When you leave our studio, you will be leaving with a masterpiece that you created yourself, something that you can feel good about creating! Our canvas painting in new jersey studio is upscale and located in Somerset, NJ. At our studio you can paint and drink your favorite beverage as well as bring snacks! In just a few hours you will be leaving with a beautiful painting and having fun with your friends at the same time come into our studio for canvas painting in new jersey!

Painting Studio in New Jersey

Paint Fun Studio is a painting studio in new jersey located right in Somerset NJ. At our studio we host birthday parties, fun nights out, bachelorette parties, date nights, as well as fundraising, kids birthday parties, corporate events, team buildings, or even a mom’s night out! Coming into our studio is a great way to celebrate an event and have a great time! We are the best painting studio in new jersey. We are not a franchise, we are a privately owned studio offering the lowest prices around for the best paintings! Our artists have years of experience working with people of all ages!! Come experience the best painting studio in new jersey by booking a session on our event calendar today!

Paint and Wine New Jersey

For some paint and wine new jersey visit Paint Fun Studio for some real fun! At our studio you bring the wine and we supply you with the paint and wine glasses! No need to bring your own paint brushes or canvas! At our studio anyone can be a Picasso! We just want you to come in and paint, drink and have a good time! Paint and wine new jersey is a great way to spend your evening for some quality fun! You don’t need any art experience at all when coming to our studio! We guide you step by step and by 2-3 hours pass by you will have a beautiful painting! For paint and wine new jersey we make it a memorable experience at our studio! As long as you are over 21 you are allowed to drink responsibility in our studio.

Byob Art Classes in New Jersey

You can BYOB for any event whether it is private or public at our byob art classes in New Jersey. Every week at our studio we feature different paintings so that you can choose from what you really want to paint! We keep things interesting and make you want to come back for more fun! You can come alone or come in a group of people! We have gift cards available as well for those of you who want to give the gift of painting for our byob art classes in New Jersey.

Canvas Painting in New Jersey

Address: 3231 Route 27
Franklin Park, NJ 08823