Summer Camp 2019 Coming Soon!

Summer Art Camp in Franklin Park New Jersey is so much more than just summer camp, It is summer Excitement Experience!
Kids need to explore lots of avenues to find their true passions, so we make science, theater, art, and sports all equal parts of the fun.  At FPNJ Camp, we help kids discover what they love to do.

Parents looking for summer activites for their children can now register for them to attend the FPNJ 2018 Summer Camp and Arts & Enrichment Program.
Our Camp is open to 2 years old to 14 years of age. Programs run for eight weeks between June 26 and August 18, with shorter, four or six weeks options available.

Each morning, children will participate in age appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, music, sports, dancing, and science activities.
While afternoon sessions are reserved for other types of on-site activities, mini-excursions are also scheduled for campers to go skating, bowling, picking fruits and vegetables in the farm, or to the movies. Children's camp experience will be filled with fun, friends and cool summer activities all day, every day.

Summer is a chance to learn a new skill and explore your interests. The FPNJ 2017 Summer Camp and Arts & Enrichment Program has something for everyone. Our team is comprised of a fully professional and energized staff.   This naturally prompts their campers to come to create lasting bonds that carry over from summer to summer.

Our teachers and subject area directors know how to  develop age-appropriate activities that  challenge our campers and encourage them to try without the fear of being judged.  Moreover, our camp directors, are in tune with what it takes to foster a positive, safe, and fun, learning environment.

With a variety of activities in science, art, theater, and recreation, getting bored is simply not an option at FPNJ Camp!  Due to the hands-on nature of our curriculum in each of these areas, camper engagement is maximized. Whether it is campers hands on science projects – cartooning or painting in art – preparing for the FPNJ Camp

Creative Arts Summer Program

At FPNJ Camp, kids get to develop their artistic and creative sides through a host of art projects and learning experiences.

Campers’ imaginations run free through activities such as:

  • Cartooning
  • Tie-dyeing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Scenery paining
  • Still Life Drawing
  • Memory Album
  • Jewelry Design
  • Picture Frames

Kids get to be part of a FPNJ Camp musical production!

Broadway comes to FPNJ Camp, with lively performances in the summer. Campers develop:

  • Theater and stage presence
  • Acting
  • Confidence
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Stage setting
Project Discovery

Project Discovery provides an opportunity for students to promote creativity, critical thinking, and unity.

Campers will be inspired to utilize innovative approaches to fundamental skills. The Project Discovery program encourages teams of learners to take risks, focus, frame challenges and have fun while incorporating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) and service learning.
Campers will incorporate flexibility, persistence, respect for others and their ideas to this collaborative problem solving process. Campers compete in various challenges that require them to build, engineer and perform in order to complete a specific task. They are given a set of materials to work with and are tasked with developing a plan to use the materials and work as a team to accomplish the initiative at hand.
Project Discovery is guaranteed to be a most inspiring experience!

There’s no end to our summer fun!


FPNJ Camp’s science program offers age-appropriate activities (indoors and out).
At FPNJ camp, science is fun and challenging through hands-on projects that inspire all.

Examples include:
• Investigating DNA
• Crime Scene Investigations
• Using the Scientific Method to Experiment with density and air pressure
• Following the life cycle of a butterfly
• Studying changing environmental conditions
• The Egg Drop Challenge
• Building kaleidoscopes and bridges


At FPNJ Camp, recreation comes in many forms.

It might mean Project Adventure events, where campers work in teams, using physical and mental skills to meet challenges and solve them. Or it might mean taking advantage of our great rainy day indoor facilities for games, puzzles solving or movies with popcorn!).

Our fantastic roster of recreation also includes:
• Yoga instruction
• Exercise with music and dance
• Super Soaker Days!
• Color Wars

Where will my children eat lunch?

Please send your campers with a snack and a lunch each day, except on pizza party days on the last day of each session.

FPNJ Camp 2018 Dates, Hours and Schedule

FPNJ Camp 2018 Dates

Session 1: June : June 26 – Jul 21 2018
Session 2: July 24 – August 18 2018
Both sessions: June 26 – August 18 2018
Deadline: Registration and final payment must be received no later than June 11.

FPNJ Camp 2018 Hours

Organized activities and classes: 9AM to 4PM
• 2 hours of science and Project Discovery activities
• 2 hours of sports, games
• 2 hours of theater and arts
Before and after care is available: 7:30-9:00AM and 4:00-6:00PM.

FPNJ Camp 2018 Fees

If paid by May 31             First Child            Each add’l
2 weeks                              $550                     $450
4 weeks                              $1050                   $930
After May 31
2 weeks                              $650                     $550
4 weeks                              $1150                   $1030

AM Extended Care (arriving prior to 8:45): $35 per two-week session
PM Extended Care (departing after 4:15): $40 per two-week session

Deposit of $185 due at registration.

Refund policy: Prior to 6/6, 100% minus deposit.  From 6/6 to second day of camp session, 50% minus deposit.  No refund available after second day of camp session.