Fun things to do in Edison

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Edison is part of the broader New York Metropolitan area. Edison was formerly known as Raritan Township. However, it was renamed after the famous inventor Thomas Edison. This change reflects homage to the inventor. Subsequently, you will find at least four memorials or museums named after this famous inventor. Moreover, Edison, NJ, features three sites to enjoy golf, a dine-in movie theater, and six different nature preserves or parks.

The best things to do in Edison, NJ

Here’s a list of fun things that you can do in Edison, NJ:

First, visit Rutgers Ecological Preserve – Nature enthusiasts can rejoice as this is the perfect opportunity to explore the wild. You will find a range of wildlife, plants, and trees in this preserve. The terrain ranges from woody and jungle areas to free-flowing streams and serene waterways.

Watch a movie or have dinner at AMC Dine-in Theatres, Menlo Park – This is the perfect activity for couples who want to watch a movie and have dinner simultaneously. The seating at this movie theatre is spacious and comfortable. Moreover, diners can choose from an inclusive lunch or dinner menu.

The Edison Museum – If you love science, learn the light bulb’s history at The Edison Museum in Menlo Park. This museum is a hidden gem because not a lot of people know about this.

The Triple C Ranch – This ranch offers a unique opportunity to interact with farm animals. The animals roam free on this farm, and children can pet them freely. Moreover, this farm features five different gardens, each with a different theme.

Take a tour of the Cypress Brewing Co – If you fancy beer, Cypress Brewing Co. is where you should be. This local brewery offers tasting tours and guides you through the entire beer-making journey.

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