Fun things to do in Franklin Just to Exclude Boredom!

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Have you been planning a fun vacation for your family? Or do you wish to experience the finer things in life? If the answer to those questions is a yes, then this blog post is for you. When planning a family vacation, you perhaps consider visiting Franklin, New Jersey. But why should you see Franklin? Because there is a lot to do. However, before we get into the fun things to do in Franklin, let’s first learn a little more about Franklin.

Essential facts and knowledge about Franklin

Franklin Township is located in New Jersey. It is a rural area with a small population and a robust farming community. Moreover, it is the largest city in Somerset County, and the name of this township was adopted in 1798. However, it is debatable whether Benjamin Franklin or his sons inspired the name of this township. However, don’t let the rural nature of this township fool you. There are plenty of urban spaces to explore in this quaint settlement. The combination of historical sites and modern amenities make Franklin fun and exciting.

What can you do in Franklin?

Now comes that part where we highlight the fun things to do in Franklin. Look at this list and decide if this is the perfect spot for your next family vacation.

Middlebush Park – This gorgeous green space offers numerous athletic activities. These activities include softball, baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Moreover, bikes and skateboards are allowed in this park.

Spooky brook pond – This water recreation facility features a 12-acre lake with many fishes. These fish are catfish, crappie, bass, pickerel, sunfish, and troughs. Moreover, you can even fish here, but you require a valid fishing license.

Bunker Hill trail – If you are a hiking fan, you will love this 3.5-mile in-and-back trail. Explore lush, thick forests and take in the serene beauty of the top of the 30-foot-high red rock cliff.

Rutgers Plaza – Explore this large, modern outdoor shopping center with numerous stores. These stores include Chase Bank, Dollar Tree, T-Mobile, and Venus jewelers.

Shu house restaurant – Make sure to try out the delicious Chinese food at Shu house restaurant. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of options, including rice noodles, Udon, stir fry, and delicious gravies.

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