Fun things to do in Metuchen, NJ – Your adventure guide

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Metuchen serves as the heart of the Raritan Valley Region. It’s a suburban borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Moreover, this suburban serves as the regional commercial hub in Central New Jersey.

Metuchen became a town center in 1996 and a transit village in 2001. Over time, intellectual development and growth have completely transformed Metuchen. As a result, people from all over the U.S are now keen and excited to visit this gorgeous place.

Tourism in Metuchen booms because of the evolution and progress. Moreover, Metuchen has now become a place to explore, experience, and enjoy.

However, what are some fun things to do in Metuchen, NJ? This article answers that question conveniently.

List of fun things to do in Metuchen, NJ

Here are some fun activities that you can do in Metuchen, NJ

Get sporty at Myrtle-Charles Park – Myrtle-Charles Park serves as a fun playground for adults and children. Moreover, you can play games like football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, and basketball. This park also features a workout area for fitness enthusiasts.

Look at the Light Dispelling Darkness Statue – You can find this statue in Menlo Park. This park is five minutes away from Metuchen. This sculpture is one of the most exciting sculptures in New Jersey. Moreover, the sculpture demonstrates a heroic theme of battling the darkness of evil through the spreading illumination of knowledge. The statue features pillars depicting educational, industry, and technology images.

Go for a stroll at the Middlesex Greenway – This is a 3.5-mile-long trail connects three different communities. This trail bridges the gap between Edison, Metuchen, and Woodbridge. The greenway has 12 entry points and is perfect for recreational activities.

Try art lessons – You can book art lessons in Metuchen, NJ, to make your visit special. Art lessons allow you to create beautiful memories and explore your creative side.

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Art classes in Metuchen, NJ, will help you freely express your feelings. Moreover, art gives you a creative outlet to explore your imagination.

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